About Us


The best fried chicken in Sydney...


Wish Bone is a fast service casual eatery located in the vibrant inner west precinct in Sydney, Australia. Our speciality is fried chicken by award winning chef and co-owner Gregory Llewellyn, along with a range of sumptuous sides including mac and cheese, coleslaw, pickles and our own version of Canadian poutine. Complimenting the food is a range of carefully selected wines, beers and cocktails.  Our chicken is free-range and halal certified.

Design of the restaurant is inspired by the Mighty Car Mods YouTube series with wishbone suspension holding up tables, copper drift stitching, tow hooks, workshop inspired drink carts, manga-bombed walls, repurposed tool boxes and walls painted in 1975 Nissan Fairlady white. 

The layout of Wish Bone is inspired by the noodle bars of Tokyo, with 2 large communal bench tables running through the centre of the restaurant, alongside a number of single tables for smaller groups.